Brazilian multimedia artist in activity since 2009. Experimental composer and performer since the first half of the 1990s. PhD Candidate in Arts in co-guardianship at UERJ (University of the State of Rio de Janeiro) and Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, with a PDSE CAPES scholarship. Master in Fine Arts, with a CAPES scholarship (UERJ). Filmmaking & Media College (UFF - Federal University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Solo exhibitions: Passagens Atlânticas, at Galeria Ibeu, (April-May, 2016); and Danças Atlânticas (Atlantic Dances) at CCJF - Rio de Janeiro (February-March, 2013). Leandra took part in collective exhibitions, CD recordings and other artistic and musical events in Brazil, France, USA, Russia, Chile and Norway. She won the first prize at the "III Latin-american Electroacoustic and Electronic Composition Competition Gustavo-Becerra Schmidt 2012" with the music Cortina de Ruínas (Curtain of Ruins). The music was made with sounds recorded and edited from a performance in a temporary site specific work in a public space (free download at Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel). Represented by/part of the multimedia label TAL - Tech Art Lab.  

Investigates and works with: sound, voice and words; traces left by bodies; territories, disappearances and absences; the memory and the environment; relations History-fiction; free and forced transits. She develops a poetic in which she intends to mix the experience, the memory, the imagination, the history, and the myths of each place with a political approach.    

Some recent collective exhibitions and events with artistic and musical presentations:

-Projecto Múltiplo (Taller René Portocarrero, Havana, Cuba, 2015)

-Braises d'Aujourd'hui (Confluences, Paris, FR, 2015)

-Panor'almas (Galerie Vitrine am, Paris, FR, 2015),

-Déambulations Poétiques (CP5 Curry-Vavart at Le Shakirail, Paris, France, 2015)

-Ocupação Arte Sonora (Castelinho do Flamengo, Rio, 2015)

-Convergence 2014 (Hemispheric Institute, NYU, Columbia University and NYC streets, 2014)

-On Location (Evans Hall, Ammerman Center, New London, USA, 2014)

-Conecta @ The Wrong New Digital Art Bienalle (curators: David Quilles Guilló + Gabriela Maciel, 2013)  

-Double-Mouth / Dupla-Boca, exhibition with collaborations between artists from different countries (organized by Ricardo Basbaum and Brandon LaBelle - Verftet, Bergen, Noruega and Candido Portinari, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 2013)

-CAN!/Maybe! - III Public Art Festival of Krasnodar, Russia, 2013

-Ai-Maako Festival (Teatro Sala Negra, Valparaiso, Chile, 2013)

-First Digital Culture Festival (Teatro SESI Centro, Rio de Janeiro, 2013)

-Arte + (curator Gabriela Maciel, SESC Teresópolis, 2013)

-Supernovas 013 (TAL, Rio, 2013)

-Fábrica Aberta (Bhering, Art Rio 2012 and 2013)

-Cotidiano e Mobilidade (Parque Lage, 2011)

-BR.Ada: Celebrating Ada (blanktape virtual gallery, 2010)

-International Short Film Festival (Rio de Janeiro, 2010)

-Arte Sonora (Parque Lage, 2009)

Selected papers: "Atlantic Sound Cartographies", published at the French revue Filigrane (2015, n.18); "Experienced Sonic Fictions" published at the 4th edition of the Irish periodic Interference: A Journal of Audio Culture (2014) and "Listen to the third sound with the skin" published at the Brazilian Valise (v.3, n.5). Special student of sonology with Rodolfo Caesar in Escola de Música da UFRJ, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (2010-2011). Residence prize as composer, performer and music producer at Motomix Art Music (São Paulo, Brazil, 2006). 



I started to sing and to make experimental electronic music when I was a teenager. Since then, I have been in many music projects and bands, live gigs and recordings. I also got involved in many other kinds of artistic productions, visual experiments and performances, always with a special attention to the world of sounds. I also like to write poetry and short stories, and my first short story has been published in 2012.

My research in the last few years grew out of experiences with deep listening in urban and non-urban environments in Rio de Janeiro, conducting intersensory drifts with field recordings, actions, micro-interventions, photos, drawings and texts. The act of drift is related to the "derangement of all senses" and implies an experience at the margins, dissolving boundaries. Poetics and politics of otherness, difference and strangeness are present in these experiences of a living environment, a complex and emergent ecosophy. This process emphasizes the relationship between listening, intersensoriality, imagination and memory; the entwinement between what`s physically listened and non-cochlear sounds; the resonances created by the mix of acoustic spaces and sonic reveries. This experimental methodology leads to the construction of experienced fictions that explore the connections between concept and concrete and the non-realistic account of events to produce an art linked to everyday life and to fiction in mingled ways. Fragments of voices and spontaneous conversations can be mixed with narratives and ambient sounds to compose experienced sonic fictions.

Nowadays, the main focus is in an extensive series/project, "Atlântica", composed of many sub-series. In this project, I relate aspects of three Atlantic enviroments: the Atlantic Ocean, vast liquid border between Brazil, Portugal and Africa; the Atlantic Forest, a rich environment already largely devastated, which has been losing its human populations, animals and plants since the beginning of the colonization of Brazil; and the Avenida Atlântica, an urban area in Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana, a space that is able to chaotically gather the most diverse relevant elements of our History. My solo exhibition "Danças Atlânticas" have some works related to this research.

Leandra Lambert, 2013.

Some sound works



Solo exhibition of Leandra Lambert’s work. Intersensorial polyptychs containing photographs, drawings, texts, objects, substances, sounds.

In Atlantic Dances, experiences of art-life are articulated in the spaces of the Atlantic Forest, the Atlantic Avenue and the Atlantic Ocean.

The construction of these works takes place in the sensitive observation of environments, in search of estrangement and reenchantment in the nearby and in everyday situations.

"In the beginning was the sound, and its ability to activate spaces and to connect spaces. What came next, well... what came next is incompatible with the linearity of writing. From the listening of (infra)sounds, Leandra Lambert has developed intricate connections.

To see the city from the ground, watching the feet and not the faces, learning to read tiny signs, displacements of sand, sediments and debris, encrypted texts, everything that falls, the passage of insects and animals. Thus, among several other experiments, Atlantic Dances propose a change of perspective, but also raises our gaze to the night that falls in layers of signs over the forest, or leads us to understand that bathing in the sea still possesses, and always will, the power to activate continents, whether tangible or submerged."

Leila Danziger (full text in portuguese and in english here)


Exhibit: "Danças Atlânticas" (“Atlantic Dances”), by Leandra Lambert.

Opening: 19/02/2013, from 19h to 22h.

Visitation: from 20/02 to 24/03, from 12h to 19h.

Guided visit: 13/03 at 18h.

Where: CCJF (Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal) – First Floor galleries.

Avenida Rio Branco, 241 - Centro (Cinelândia) - Rio de Janeiro

Phone: (+55 21) 3261-2550

Free admission.